We now have our newly elected Knesset for the 2018-2019 school year! We had many students run a campaign for the executive leadership positions. You can see their election videos here.

Our Knesset is the representative body for students at the Ottawa Jewish Community School. The role of the Knesset  is to represent and promote the interests of students to staff, administration, and parents. The council organizes events to promote student life and Tikkun Olam while developing and supporting student leadership.

Below is our Knesset Executive:

President- Daniel V.

Vice-President- Ari K.

Secretary- Ely S.

Treasurer- Max P.

Jewish Life- Jacob G.

Communications- Abby S.

Here are the grade reps:

Grade 3- Adam L.

Grade 4- Shylee M.

Grade 5- Leo C. & Audrey B.

Grade 6- Yamaya N.

Grade 7- Jessica A.

Grade 8- Oliver K. &  Adam R.

Congratulations to all the students who ran for a position and for taking a risk!