Meet the Knesset

By: Jenny (Knesset Communications Officer)

The elections are over and we finally have our 2019-2020 Knesset team! We have an awesome team, which includes…

Co-Presidents- Jessica and Kiera

Treasurer- Maytal

Secretary- Ben

Communications- Jenny

Jewish Life- Ruben

Grade 8 Class Rep.- Max

Grade 7 Class Rep.- Maayan

Grade 6 Class Rep.- Audrey

Grade 5 Class Rep.- Sasha

Grade 4 Class Reps.- Adam and Eliezer

Grade 3 Class Rep.- Tobey

Last Thursday we had our first meeting as a group. We discussed the goals we had to make this school year the best one yet. We had three goals that we thought were really important to us. The first goal we had was to bring more student voice to the OJCS community. The second goal was to bring new ideas forward. As a team, we would like to incorporate other students ideas. Lasty, RUACH! We all agreed that Ruach is a big part of our school. Let’s make this year full of spirit. We also discussed the charities that were important to us. The charities that we came up with were ones we thought, as a team were important. Lastly we had to plan the October Rosh Chodesh assembly. The month of October, we are supporting the Ottawa Hospital Patient Urgent Needs Fund, in memory of Dr. Elianna Saidenberg. We are also busy getting ready for our first Rosh Chodesh assembly, taking place on Tuesday, October 29th. 

(Photo: Knesset planning our Rosh Chodesh assembly and discussing monthly charities to support)

I am so excited for this year’s Knesset team. We are a great group!