Rosh Chodesh Kislev, By Jenny P.


By Jenny P., Knesset Communications Rep

Yesterday we had our second Rosh Chodesh assembly for the month of Kislev. This assembly was packed with lots of new and exciting things that will be happening at the OJCS this year. Our leaders for this assembly were Ruben S., Audrey B., and Ben C. To start off the assembly we have to get some RUACH going, and the best way to do so is with the OJCS Ruach Patrol! 

The Ruach Patrol did a great job singing all about Hanukkah and giving the students lots of spirit. 

We then had our assembly MC’s teach us all about Habit #2: Begin With the End in Mind! We saw a video of OJCS students and faculty sharing how they use Habit #2, which is all about goal setting and knowing the end goal that you’re working toward. Please comment below and share how you use Habit #2!

We also had our amazing Rambots come and teach us all about their mission this year, as well as how they use their 7 Habits!

Come see the RAMBots at their First Lego League (FLL) Competition THIS Sunday, December 1st at Carleton University from 8-5pm. I think they are going to do a great job at their competition! The RAMBots also shared about their goal of creating an inclusive playground area at OJCS.

What organization are we supporting with our November Dress Down Day? This month we are donating the Beit Halochem Canada, to help injured Israeli veterans in Canada. Since we had our Remembrance day assembly this month we want to help support a cause related to veterans. 

Lastly, what charity are we giving tzedakah to for the December Dress Down Day? For the month of December we are donating towards The Ottawa Mission to help those that do not have a warm home during Ottawa’s cold winter months. To make this fun we are adding a class challenge! How is this going to work? Each class will be asked to bring in the following items in mens adult sizes:

  • Gently used  or new hats
  • Gently used or new coats/jackets
  • Gently used or new mittens
  • NEW socks
  • Gently used or new scarves
  • Gently used or new winter boots

That’s all for our Kislev assembly, can’t wait for next month’s assembly!

Clubs Sign-Up is Here!

Dear OJCS Families,

I am excited to share our clubs list for the 2019-2020 school year with you.

If you would like to sign your child(ren) up for any of the clubs listed please send me an e-mail by the end of the week with the name of the club, your child’s name, and their grade.

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Meet the 2019-2020 Knesset!

Meet the Knesset

By: Jenny (Knesset Communications Officer)

The elections are over and we finally have our 2019-2020 Knesset team! We have an awesome team, which includes…

Co-Presidents- Jessica and Kiera

Treasurer- Maytal

Secretary- Ben

Communications- Jenny

Jewish Life- Ruben

Grade 8 Class Rep.- Max

Grade 7 Class Rep.- Maayan

Grade 6 Class Rep.- Audrey

Grade 5 Class Rep.- Sasha

Grade 4 Class Reps.- Adam and Eliezer

Grade 3 Class Rep.- Tobey

Last Thursday we had our first meeting as a group. We discussed the goals we had to make this school year the best one yet. We had three goals that we thought were really important to us. The first goal we had was to bring more student voice to the OJCS community. The second goal was to bring new ideas forward. As a team, we would like to incorporate other students ideas. Lasty, RUACH! We all agreed that Ruach is a big part of our school. Let’s make this year full of spirit. We also discussed the charities that were important to us. The charities that we came up with were ones we thought, as a team were important. Lastly we had to plan the October Rosh Chodesh assembly. The month of October, we are supporting the Ottawa Hospital Patient Urgent Needs Fund, in memory of Dr. Elianna Saidenberg. We are also busy getting ready for our first Rosh Chodesh assembly, taking place on Tuesday, October 29th. 

(Photo: Knesset planning our Rosh Chodesh assembly and discussing monthly charities to support)

I am so excited for this year’s Knesset team. We are a great group!


2019-2020 Knesset Elections

Our Knesset Executive elections are now on their way! We are in full campaign mode at OJCS.

Part of the Middle School experience for our students is the opportunity to run for a Knesset Executive position. Students are able to continue to build their leadership skills, ensure we have student voice in our school’s decision making process, and of course RUACH! Election Day is Friday, October 4th.



2019 OJCS Middle School Retreat

How do we kick off a school year together? By going on a three day, two night retreat together. Are we crazy? No. Do we believe in relationship building and fostering a healthy Middle School community? Absolutely.

Relationship building is at the heart of what we do at OJCS. Before the math lesson (don’t tell Mrs.Cleveland I said that) and mapping exercise in Social Studies, we need to ensure that our students feel a sense of belonging where they are supported, encouraged, and celebrated. Part of this is building healthy relationships with peers in their same grade, peers within the Middle School, and also the Middle School faculty.

Our theme for this year was ‘friendship’ because we certainly do ‘learn better together’ (North Star Alert) and need to synergize (7 Habits Alert) to ensure this is the best school year yet. The three days were filled with discussion, team building, rafting, hiking, praying, bonfires, and much more! Check out the retreat video on Dr.Mitzmacher’s blog ‘2019 Middle School Retreat’.

Shinshinim Farewell

We are all invited to a community farewell party for our amazing Shinshinim, Inbar and Liam, at the JCC.

Although we are going to have a more intimate goodbye at school (on their last day with us) we encourage you to come join us, as part of our OJCS family, to show our appreciation and support of this wonderful program., which continues to inspire our jewish journey and provides a direct and meaningful connection to Israel.

Hope to see you there. 🙂

Please RSVP to Kara Goodwin at:

Knesset Student Voice Project

By: Abby S., Knesset Communications Representative

Over the past few months, the Knesset has been working hard on the Student Voice Project with Brigitte and Mr. Kom. We launched our suggestion box and our grade representatives have done the student voice surveys in their classes. Every Thursday in our Knesset meetings, we empty out the suggestion box and review the comments.

Today, our co-presidents Daniel Vered and Ari Kotkowski had a meeting with Dr. Mitzmacher to discuss the main suggestions that we received. They talked about old events that students want to bring back and change of lunch rooms. Stay tuned for the results of the meeting! 

We would like to continue to encourage students to share suggestions and your opinions. We want to hear your voice.

Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day

Monday, May 13th we welcomed all of our grandparents and special friends to the school! It is a special day for our students and guests, and one that we look forward to each year.

A highlight of the day was the incredible Art Show, organized by Morah Shira.


Gr.4-8 Public Speaking Event


Congratulations to our grade 4-8 public speaking finalists!

Thank you to Eileen Gallant, Arlene Glube, and @KellyDoell for being our judges for the event!

OJCS Maccabiah Games 2019!

Coming to OJCS on June 4, 2019…

Our Colour War and Walk/Run are now one combined epic event!

Our theme is ‘4 Teams, 1 Heart’ modelled after the Maccabiah Games ’80 Countries, 1 Heart’ showing that while the day is about sport, it is also about sportsmanship!

Who are the 4 teams?

Jerusalem- Team Blue!

Tel Aviv- Team Green!

Haifa- Team Red!

Netanya- Team Orange!

Which city will win the cup? Teams will earn points throughout the day for event wins, showing sportsmanship, team cheers and RUACH!

OJCS has also partnered with Maccabiah Canada for the event and Maccabiah athletes will be joining us for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Yesterday each student learned what colour team they are on to give lots of time to plan an outfit full of their team colour.

Students also received an invitiation to their school e-mail address to register & create their fundraising pages. Click on the ‘GET STARTED’ link in the e-mail and then follow the prompts to create the page- confirm e-mail address, create password, create fundraising page name such as ‘Jacob-Team Blue’ and hit submit!

This event is also our school fundraiser where students are directly involved in! Each student will have their own fundraising pages on For each $25 raised, students will receive a ballot for a weekly draw on Fridays for prizes such as a Menchies gift cards, Indigo gift cards, and Cineplex movie night baskets.

Students are also fundraising in their Maccabiah Games  teams. You can track of team fundraising totals at the following link:

Parents are welcome to join us at the school from 3-5pm on June 4, 2019 for our Family Maccabiah Games! Come join us for some cold treats, meet Maccabiah athletes and learn more about Maccabiah Canada, and try our 65′ inflatable obstacle course with your child(ren).

Thank you to the companies who are sponsoring the event!

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