This week our series of Kindness Workshops kicked off with grade 3 on Monday morning. Beginning with the end in mind (*7 Habits alert!), our workshop goal was to learn about how we are each responsible for the well-being of one another and how to think win-win (*7 Habits alert!) and work as a team.  Shannon LaValley, our invaluable school Social Worker,  read the book The Invisible Boy by Patrice Barton and the class discussed the importance of making everyone feel important and valued.

Afterword the students worked in groups to complete different team-building tasks. They collaborated, listened to the ideas of others, and encouraged their team members with positive comments.

The workshops continued today with grade 5 and 6 also learning about how to build healthy friendships. Grade 5 were active participants in a discussion about how to establish positive friendships and how to solve conflict, while grade 6 read and discussed the book The Three Questions by Jon Muth.

One thing that is evident from our workshops- we learn better together. The students asked questions, engaged in meaningful conversations, and learned about how to have healthy relationships- which is essential to everyone having the best school day possible!