Field Trips

Grades 7 & 8 Basketball

Hello Student Life! This is your vice president Shylee, writing to you guys about the basketball games and practices grades 7 and 8 have been having. 

Mr.Ray and Mr.Cinanni have been helping grades 7-8 get ready for the basketball season we will be participating in. They have both taught us many skills in basketball and helped the OJCS team improve tremendously. In practice we focus on many drills and skills to help us be greater basketball players, and if we are lucky we get to play a game at the end.

As the year has started, the grade 7 and 8s will be going to games in different schools. The girls had their first game already, and we won! It was such a fun experience, getting to play against teams that are challenging, the team building, and the feeling after you finish the games. It was all such a fun experience and I am so excited to continue the season.

If you aren’t in grade 7 and 8, get ready to try out because the basketball season will be a super fun and exciting experience!

Getting Started!

Welcome to our Student Life blog!

Wow. We have had a busy start to the school year. We are thrilled to share all exciting happenings in our school, such as: the first OJCS Middle School Retreat (check out our retreat video here), our first Rosh Chodesh assembly of the year, our amazing Sukkah Hop run by the Shinshinim, Terry Fox Run, reading buddies, Knesset elections, the soccer season (GO RAMS GO!), first field trips of the year, and much more!

This blog will be primarily run by the OJCS Knesset (now that they have been elected!). On the page you can find pictures, videos, and posts about all the ruach in the building!

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