We, the Junior Knesset, spotted a bunch of nice things going on in the school! Here are some positive things going around the school…


During the cold winter days, there have been so many people working together and collaborating to make forts with each other. Earlier this year, Grade Four started a fort and let anybody join. Everyone has been so kind during recess! Grade four has been playing cops and robbers together and helping each other hide from the cops. They have been very collaborative when it was their turn to be cops or robbers. Some  Grade Threes have been playing soccer together and so have some Grade Four and Fivers.



In class, there are so many people working together and giving each other ideas. Everyone is being so motivating to each other and this helps boost their learning. During innovation day, groups have been really collaborative and getting their work done! When people were making their project for J.O.I.N, there were so many inclusive people. Groups had kids, teachers and faculty share what they want adults in our community to understand more about inclusion. We would like to say congrats to everyone who participated in J.O.I.N! 



Clubs have made a welcome comeback at OJCS. After a two-year break due to Covid restrictions, the school is alive with clubs this year. Students are busy having fun during recess and lunches. Mr. C. is running a terrific intramural program for Grades 4-8. 

This year the students have stepped up to lead many different clubs. Here are some of the clubs at OJCS: Magic Club, Environmental Club, Drama Club, Dance Club, Literacy Lunch, Fashion Club, Sports Club, Drawing Club, Games Club, Detective Club, Rubik’s Cube Club, Chess Club, Pokemon Club, Debate Club, Self-care Club, Origami Club, Arts and Crafts Clubs, Self-care Club. The student leaders have been amazing, and the students are loving all the clubs.



The Jr. Knesset spread kindness throughout the school. They made special happy face messages for classmates to find in their desks. For Teacher Appreciation week the Jr. Knesset delivered special goody bags and thank you cards to all the teachers.


And now, a news report from the Junior Knesset: