We had a week filled with ruach thanks to Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa. A big thank you to CBB Associate Director Jill Doctor and Assistant Director Marnie Gontovnik for leading things on the CBB side of things and planning the different activities for our students.

On Wednesday, students in grades 4-5 participated in a Hannukah-themed scavenger hunt. Teams (made of in-person and distance learners!) worked together to complete various tasks like building a 3D menorah and spotting the differences between two maps of CBB.

On Thursday, our K-3 students joined a virtual and interactive theatre experience hosted by Main Stages in NYC!

Today wrapped up with our Middle School Escape Room. Here was the fun escape room storyline.


It’s Friday, December 11th at 11am! OJCS just got hit with 12 feet of snow! WOW – how are you going to go home to celebrate the second night of Hanukkah with your family?!

You’re in luck – Hanukkah Harry is here to save the day! He can get you the tools you need to escape, but first, you need to work together with your OJCS family to show the true spirit of Hanukkah.

You have been put into groups based on your strengths, personality and determination to overcome these tasks. You will be faced with many challenges along the way, but we believe that you and your team will be able to conquer them no problem! I hope you came prepared with your WINNING attitude!

In order to escape, Hanukkah Harry has left a trail of clues for you to follow online. Each clue will give you a tool to use in order to escape the building. You will need all 6 tools in order to successfully escape and go home to your families. However, Hanukkah Harry wanted to make it a little more challenging. You will need to unscramble each clue that comes your way to find out what tool it is!

Please hurry, the second night of Hanukkah is about to start and your family is waiting!

All of the students did escape so you can expect them all home for the second evening of Hanukkah!

You can read and see more about the ruach activities on Dr.Mitzmacher’s blog post today.

Happy Hanukkah to all our OJCS faculty, families, and students!