Written by Sasha Peters

As a student at OJCS, I sometimes wonder what it’s like to see a day in a life as a different student. I can’t do that, so I figured I’ll let all the readers of the OJCS student life blog, get a bit of insight into the day of a life as an OJCS student! 

“DING DONG” the school bell rings at 8:30 AM. I’m tired, but excited to see my friends. I have 15 minutes to get settled in before my first class starts, English. Miss Mender, my English teacher, told us that we were reading a short story today entitled “Lamb to the slaughter”. It looks like it was going to be a long day. 

After that, I had math with Mr. Ray, Judaics with Morah Corinne and finally prayers with Dr. Mitzmacher. But most importantly snacks, because it’s always a great time to socialize with my class. 

After a 20 minute break I went down to the maker space for science with Mr. Ray again. I love the maker space because it’s such a great learning space for creative ideas. After a good time learning about cells, I went back upstairs for Jewish studies with Mr. Wash. He always makes the class super enjoyable with his great jokes! Finally, I went to the gym with Mr. C. I love his class so much because they’re creative and always know how to make us have a great time! 

Then we had lunch. A nice long break so that we can get our heads out of the books. After I ate my lunch, I went down to basketball practice in the gym with Mr. C again. We did some fun drills so that we can improve! I can’t wait for the tournament!! 

For the last three classes of the day, I had French and social studies with Madame Wanda who always makes our class a blast, and Hebrew with Morah Ruthie who loves to teach our awesome class!

Finally, it was time to pack up. I had a great day with all my awesome teachers and friends. Now, you don’t have to wonder what it’s like to be an OJCS student!…by the way it’s pretty awesome!